Title The Effects of Governmental Support to Agricultural Insurance in Turkey
Authors İlker DURGUT,Pınar DUMANOĞLU
Abstract Agriculture has a special importance for countries as a fundamental economic activity since it meets the food requirements of people, it is so important for the life of people and there is no other source to replace it. For agriculture is conducted in open areas, agricultural activities can face many risks. The effects of risks can be reduced with agricultural insurances in providing protection against these risks that are seen in agriculture. Insurance companies do not provide protection for many kinds of risks or agricultural insurance premiums can be high since the measurement and management of the risks faced in agricultural sector are demanding and these risks can cause great damages. For that reason, in many countries, governments provide support to agricultural insurance premiums in order to preserve agricultural production, farmers and social welfare. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the implementation of government support provided for agricultural insurances on agricultural insurances premium production. In the study, the changes which have taken place in agricultural insurance premium amounts after the implementation of governmental support are analysed with data. Nonetheless, the functioning of Agricultural Insurance Pool in Turkey and the problems that are faced about agricultural insurances are explained. Subsequent to these anaylses, it is seen that governmental support provided to agricultural insurances have caused an increase in premium production.
Keywords Agriculture, Agricultural Insurance, Agricultural Insurance Pool
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 094-099
Year 2016
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