Title Determination of Fish Meat Consumption Habits in Bingol City Center
Authors Ersin KARAKAYA,Muammer KIRICI
Abstract This study was conducted for determining the current status of fish meat consumption, meat consumption preferences and habits of individuals in the province of Bingol city center. The material of this study made in year 2016 is composed of data obtained from surveys made with total 384 persons residing in Bingol city center. Data were analyzed by making use of descriptive statistics, Chi-square test and One Way Variance (ANOVA). According to analysis results, it is confirmed that 83,5% of the consumers consume fish. The average fish expenditure of households is 105,52 £/month, the average fish consumption of households is 4,88 kg/month and the average per person fish consumption is 12,2 kg/year has calculated respectively. Consumers which in the highest income group compared to consumers in low and middle income groups, while married individuals were determined to consume more fish than singles (P<0,05). The average fish consumption is calculated 2,3 kg/month for anchovy, 3,1 kg/month for bonito, 3,3 kg/month for trout and 3,7 kg/month for river fish.
Keywords Bingol, fish expenditure, Chi-square test, the amount of fish consumption, river fish
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 074-085
Year 2016
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