Title Determining The Locals’ Perception on The Regional Cuisine Culture: Odemis as a Sample
Authors Nükhet Adalet AKPULAT
Abstract Rural tourism is one of the most significant types of tourism in improving the backward regions both economically and socially. Many elements of rural tourism centers may serve as an attraction, one of which is regional cuisine culture. However, in order to improve the rural tourism in a region, the folks’ participation and getting their opinions on the matter are essential. This study has been conducted to determine the perception of the locals in Odemis on their regional cuisine culture. The research was made by conducting a survey in person with the participants, 195 people in total either residing and/or working in the region. As a resulti th study finds out that the local people perceive the local cousie as acultural value to be offered for rural tourism.
Keywords Rural tourism, regional cuisine, Odemis
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 052-058
Year 2016
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