Title Examination of Structurel Features of Rainbow Trout Farms in Antalya Province
Authors Erkan GÜMÜŞ,Necip M. ŞAHİN,Erdal ÜSTÜNDAĞ,M. Altuğ ATALAY
Abstract In this study, the structural features of rainbow trout farms in Antalya region were investigated. In 2012, 61 of 79 active trout farms according to results of questionnaire, 62.31% of trout farms is a family enterprise. Highest portion with 75.56% of establishment funding sources of farms is form equity while the rest of them follows to funding of credit- promote. 45.76% of the land which established of the farms is enterprise property while 47.46% of public land and 6.78% of private land are leasing. 62.30% and 19.67% of farms use spring and stream water, respectively, and 18.03% river-dam Lake for cage culture. Water temperature of 52.56% farms is between 13 to 18°C. 83.61% of farms carries out pond rearing, is cage culture of 6.56% dam-lake and 9.83% stream. Water flow of 52% pond rearing ranged between 50 to 250 liters. 72.13% of producers perform all production activities like egg-fry-consumable fish. 57.37% of farms has hatchery. 70.59% of the enterprises is found precipitation pond smaller than 200 m2. The rate of total rearing pond area of the precipitation pond is between 1/10 to 1/20. According to results, most of trout farms in Antalya region is understood to be a small-scale family enterprises. The structural and technological improvements of trout farms will contribute to ensuring production increase and development aquaculture of Antalya region.
Keywords Antalya, Rainbow trout, Farm, Structural features
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal Of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 033-039
Year 2016
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