Title The Effects of Different Fertilization on Hydroponic Maize (Zea mays L. indentata S.) Grass
Authors Muhammet KARAŞAHIN
Abstract This research was conducted to determine the effects of different fertilization treatments (K; control, O; organic, I; inorganic and O+I; ½ organik + ½ inorganic) on hydroponic maize (Zea mays L. indentata S.) grass in the conditioning chamber of Karabük University Eskipazar Vocational School Crop and Animal Production Department between the dates of 01.03.2016 and 15.06.2016. According to the research results, in the different fertilization treatments the highest green fodder yield, crude protein gain, plant height, root length, crude protein, ash, fat,ADL and ADF with the lowest dry matter rates and losses were obtained from in the I treatments. The highest NDF and metabolic energy values were obtained from I and O+I treatments. When the adverse effects of inorganic fertilizer on human health and the environment is taken into consideration O+I fertilizer treatment become more important.
Keywords Fertilization, hydroponic, maize grass
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal Of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 029-032
Year 2016
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