Title Statistical Investigation of the Cities in Turkey by Environmental Indicators
Authors Fatih ÇEMREK
Abstract In the most general sense the environment, human beings and all other creatures with the nature and structure of the elements is defined as the totality of human nature and in nature. Today, the environment is one of the most important issues at the national and international level. Extensive studies is carried out on the protecting the environment and using of alternative energy sources instead of diminishing natural resources. Environmental indicators, is of considerable importance in the decisions of decision makers on issues related to the environment, of the establishment of environmental policies and evaluation of the results of these policeies. Environmental indicators, constitute the dimension of sustainable development. The assessment of the situation is done by comparing of countries and cities in terms of environmental indicators. The aim of this study, to examine statistically the variables in terms of environmental indicators of the cities in Turkey and to assess the status of the cities.The data used in this study were obtained from the publications prepared by Ministry of Environment and Urban and Turkey Statistical Institute
Keywords Envirınment,Environmentl Indicators,Statistical Analysis
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal Of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 018-025
Year 2016
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