Title The Importance of Keeping Records in Organic Animal Production
Authors Kadir KARAKU┼×,Hasan KOYUN,Abuzer TA┼×
Abstract In terms of business activities and animal breeding one of the most factors is to keep records with profitability, efficiency and increases success. The main objective of organic livestock production is to produce healthy, genetically unmodified and demandable products by consumers. Moreover, it is important to take a detailed record of all data related to certification. At all stages, it must take place in a controlled and certified according to the laws of organic production. Recording of organic animal products (from where, under what conditions and is obtained from sources, control steps, as detailed all of the data related to certification, animal selection, breeding systems, group size, ensuring environment can show the natural behavior of the animals, increasing the efficiency, creation of criteria to ensure animal welfare and at all stages of up to market entry) is important.In organic farming activity, trained and experienced breeders must be served. For producers and consumers must be determined. As a result, record keeping at all stages of production and evaluation checked the records and finding a solution is extremely important in terms of future business planning.
Keywords Organic Farming, Record keeping, Animal Production
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 084-085
Year 2016
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