Title Significance of Genetic Diversity in Farm Animal Production
Authors Hasan KOYUN,Seyrani KONCAGÜL,Kadir KARAKUŞ
Abstract Genetic diversity (GD) refers to the variety of genes within a species. In order to preserve GD within a species, different populations must be sustained. GD allows livestock species for adaptation to changes in environmental conditions over time and is, consequently, essential to species survival. Unfortunately, GD in livestockis threatened by various reasons such as intensive artificial selection programs in animal production systems (genomic selection), mating schemes (inbreeding) and global warming along with inappropriate management strategies and policies. Moreover, recent molecular genetic approaches provide more and more powerful tools for unravelling the molecular basis of phenotypic diversity in genomes of farm animals.Future plans concerning GD must contain the sustainable application, development and conservation of domesticated animal genetic resources requires information on the diversity of both national and international resources, therefore referring to global information.
Keywords Genetic diversity, Genetic resources, Livestock breeding, Environmental conditions
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 082-083
Year 2016
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