Title Effect on Yields of Foot Diseases in Sheep and Cattle Breeding
Authors Abuzer TA┼×,Kadir KARAKU┼×,Hasan KOYUN
Abstract One of the major problems in cattle and sheep farms is lameness that influences animal welfare and causes serious economic loss. Lameness syndrome is a painful process in which decrease in milk yield and fertility that results in early removal of animals from herd is observed. Recent researches have revealed that effects of foot diseases on economic values are very important. Although mortality rate of foot diseases is low, its damage on local and national economy cannot be ignored. Both production loses and vaccination costs can reach up to 6.5-21 billion dollars annual in countries with foot disease issues but in countries that eradicated from foot diseases, it is estimated 1.5 billion dollars. Consequently, maximum measures should be taken for decrease the economic effects of foot diseases and prevention of the disease.
Keywords Food disease, fertility, economic loses, farm animals
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 079-081
Year 2016
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