Title A Comparison Between a Thermal Town, Karlovy Vary, Which is Architecturally Structured with Its Natural Characteristics, and The Winter City Erzurum
Authors Bilsen BİLGİLİ,Emrah ÖZKUL
Abstract In today’s markets, concepts indicating abstract values like branding come in the first place among factors which form the values of the products perceived by the consumer. Tourism is a sector that plays a highly significant role in the development of the countries, yields economically big profits, and achieves growth every passing day. One of the most significant elements of tourism market is the branding effort of countries and cities. The activities organized in cities (festivals, sports events etc.) and the symbols peculiar to cities (Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben etc.) have major effects during the branding process. Many cities in the world are built in a way that their specific, natural characteristics and architectural structures can be integrated in a unique style, and thus their natural characteristics can be highlighted and a city brand can be created. Brought its natural thermal springs forward with its architecture, one of the branded cities is Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic. In this research, it is aimed to determine the effect of branded architecture of Karlovy Vary on tourism product consumers, and consumer expectations in shaping the architecture of Erzurum as a winter city. For this purpose, a questionnaire was conducted on consumers who are interested in winter tourism. A snowball sampling method was used in determining the consumers to participate. According to the results of the research and in line with the effects of architecture in creating a city brand, various suggestions have been developed to increase the value of city brand by highlighting the winter tourism of Erzurum.
Keywords A Brand City, Winter City Erzurum, Architectural Brand, Kano Model, Karlovy Vary
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 025-032
Year 2016
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