Title Factors Affecting Supply Chain Management Processes
Authors Derya ÖZTÜRK
Abstract The main objective of this study is to examine the factors affecting supply chain management processes. To achieve that the development of supply chain management and its importance for business organizations will be presented. Then the processes and factors affecting the business processes that make the supply chain management, which contributed to its success will be examined. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is explored as eight processes: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service Management (CSM), Demand Management (DM), Order Fulfillment, Manufacturing Flow Management (MFM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Product Development and Commercialization and Returns Management (RM). The factors influencing those processes are customer demands, globalization, competition, information and communication, formal influences, environment and workers’ knowledge and skills. The content of this study consists of secondary data presented in various national and international level studies.
Keywords Competition, Business, Supply Chain, Process
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 017-024
Year 2016
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