Title Organic Agriculture and Its Effect on Rural Development: Kırtık Village Case Study
Authors Düriye BOZOK,Meziyet NARİN,Göksel Kemal GİRGİN
Abstract Today, increasing food oriented diseases and decreasing quality of agriculture products directed people to organic food. Producton of organic food has advantages not only on health but also on the regions which produce organic food. We can categorization them under agriculture, environment, social status, economical conditions and organizational / institutional headings. The aim of this study is to inform about the organic agriculture studies which was started in Balıkesir, Burhaniye, Kırtık village and determine the opinions of the society, which make organic agricultre with the rise of organic agriculture production, on the potential literature benefits of organic agriculture. For this reason, firstly general information is given about theconcepts of rural development and organic agriculture. of organic production started in Kırtık after related literature scan. Then the scale of the study is measured in the light of “Potential Benefits of Organic Agriculture” defined in the study by Crucefix (1998) and in the frame of Natural Resources and Ethical Trade Programme-NRI
Keywords Organic agriculture, Ecological agriculture, Rural development, Kırtık Village, Sustainability
Journal IJSES - International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 001-006
Year 2016
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