Title Evaluation of Water Law Under the Scope of EU Water Framework Directive
Authors Selma AYTÜRE
Abstract Directive numbered EC/2000/60, entered into force on 22 November 2000 in Europe with the aim of creating a framework for integrated water management, combining the existing directives, introducing the concept of integrated water management . The Water Framework Directive (WFD), brought the river basin management as the new element. A cooperation spirit has been established with this management between different regions, provinces, and countries. Protection and defense of the idea that water is a public resource to be based on the objectives of the WFD: to prevent aquatic ecosystems and other ecosystems are attached to them further destruction, to improve the aquatic environment, to promote sustainable use of water resources, to reduce ground water pollution. Environmental objectives have been identified by the year 2015 for surface waters, groundwaters and protected areas. Turkey’s EU aspirations and the requirements on water management, need to implement the institutional and legal arrangements. Integrated water management requires inter-agency cooperation In the 2008 National Programme, under the “Environment” title,and “Sub Priority 27.3.6 Water Management” sub title: “the Directive 2000/60/EC will be transfer to the Turkish Legislation as a “Framework Law on Water” , compliance in the EU legislation will be provided after 2011 within the framework of full membership” were written. In this context, , “Draft Law on Water” was prepared by the Ministry of Water Affairs and Forestry in 2012 and circulated for opinion of the institutions. This paper aims to examine compliance of prepared Draft Law with the EU , and contribute to the negotiation process of Turkey.
Keywords EU, Water Framework Directive, Water Law, Turkey, Evaluation
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 065-071
Year 2016
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