Title Use of Common Rodents to Determination of the Genotoxicity and Biomonitoring Studies in Heavy Metal Polluted Areas
Authors Fatma TURNA,Mustafa YAVUZ
Abstract The use of small mammals biomonitoring for genotoxicity in the environment is assume as an -early warning system- for protect the environment from different pollution factors. Small mammals as rodents are widely used as convenient indicators of various environmental pollution and genotoxic damage. Genotoxicity monitoring using the Comet assay is a common method for detect the DNA damage of small mammals as wild rodent species which exposed different pollution in natural habitats. A number of studies in the world demonstrate that DNA damage and bioaccumulation can be occured in native small mammals which trapped the areas polluted by heavy metals. The aim of this review is to draw attention to the ecotoxicological biomonitoring studies conducted by Comet Assay that use living native small mammals in different areas polluted by various factors (such as, mining, industrial and agricultural activities).
Keywords Ecotoxicology, heavy metal pollution, bioaccumulation, small rodents, Comet assay
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 056-064
Year 2016
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