Title Biomonitoring of Environmental Pollution: Fish Genotoxicity Tests
Authors Gülşen GÖNEY
Abstract In recent years production of chemicals increased steadly. As a result of the production and use of chemicals that make inevitable chemicals exposure. Humans are exposed throughout their lifetime to several xenobiotics present in both the water and aquatic food. More importantly, fish species are at the top position in the aquatic food chain and may directly affect the health of humans, which makes it much of significance for the biomonitoring using fish. In this study are given information about of Fish Genotoxicity Tests (Comet Assay, Micronucleus test, FISH-MN, Chromosomal Aberration, Sister Chromatid Exchange) for the biomonitoring of environmental pollution.
Keywords Genotoxicity, Biomonitoring, Environmental pollution, Aquatic toxicity, Ecotoxicology
Journal DERLEME - Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews
Issue Issue 1
Page 043-049
Year 2016
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