Title Correlations Between Yield and Quality Components in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Varieties Grown under Arid Conditions
Authors İsmail DEMİR,Ahmet DEMİREL
Abstract This study was carried out to determine the variations in the yield components of the sunflower types that were grown under the arid conditions. The experiment was designed as randomized block model with three replications in the experimental fields of Ahi Evran University in 2013. In this study, 20 different sunflower varieties were used and some yield components of the varieties as; head diameter (cm), blooming time (day), plant height (cm), physiological maturity (day), plant grain yield (g/plant), thousand grain weight (g), hull-kernel ratio (%), seed yield (kg/da), oil ratio (%), oil yield (kg/da) and harvest index (%) were investigated. The positive correlation were found between oil yield and plant height, plant grain yield, head diameter, yield and thousand grain weight (p<0.01), and negative correlation was found between oil yield and physiological maturity (p<0.01). Oil yield varied from 34,82 to 71,06 kg/da. The highest oil yield was obtained from Sanbro MR type (71,06 kg/da) and the lowest oil yield was obtained from Maximus CL type (34,82 kg/da).
Keywords Sunflower,Helianthus annuus L.,Yield,Crude oil ratio,Crude oil yield
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal Of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 014-017
Year 2016
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