Title Botanical Gardens and Gardens of Thematic Plants
Authors Nazlı Ünlü,Şirin DÖNMEZ
Abstract Botanical gardens were first established only for scientific reasons, however later they have been started to be used for educational and recreation reasons. Since 1980s it has been used to preserve natural resources and increase biological variety. Botanical gardens are utilized as a tool all around the world to create environmental awareness, preserve natural resources and increase biological variety via educational activities. Nevertheless, in terms of using botanical gardens, our country, which has only e few examples, is behind the world standards when compared to other countries. İn this study, examples of botanical gardens around the world and our country are examined İn the study, which is examining three botanical garden from abroad, two botanical garden from our country, they have plant collections, scientific, educational and recreational functions were evaluated. Proposals have been developed for eliminating the number and functional impairment of the botanical garden in the country
Keywords Botanical gardens,design of planting,Landscape desing
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal Of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 008-013
Year 2016
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