Title A Simplified Hydroponic Culture System for Uniformly Growing Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Plants
Authors Yonca SURGUN, Betül BÜRÜN
Abstract Hydroponic culture is a widely and frequently used system for growth of the plants. Generally, hydroponic systems are preferred for molecular experiments to minimize variations that are based on external conditions. The objective of this work was to optimize a hydroponic culture system for uniformly growth of Arabidopsis thaliana L. Heynh plants. The construction of the hydroponic system could be divided into two main steps. Firstly, the plastic tubes with rockwool were prepared, secondly the prepared tubes, were placed in the styrofoam having holes. Then styrofoam which including the tubes were put in the plastic container with nutrient solution. One plastic container yielded up to approximately 30 plants and it allows to carry out numerous analyzes the plants which grown in the same culture. A suggested system was tested in gene expression studies and the reproducible results were obtained between the independent experiments. However, comparing to some hydroponic systems in the previous studies, there is no transplanting step in seed germination and plant growth stages in the system described by the current study. This paper has discussed the construction and equipments of the simplified hydroponic culture system as well as its use and advantages in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.
Keywords Arabidopsis thaliana (L.), hydroponic culture system, synchronous growth, easy setup.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 022-025
Year 2015
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