Title The Researches on Endemic Vicia freyniana (Fabaceae) as a Forage Crop
Authors Osman YÜKSEL, Hasan ÖZÇELİK
Abstract Vetches, which have an important place in our country and in the world, increased the efficiency in animal production with their high quality seeds and roughages. Vetches can be grown all over region of Türkiye because of their different life forms. Vetches having a short growing season and ecological features don’t cause tympany unlikely alfalfa and clovers when given the animals as fresh. On the other hand, all of cultured vetches can’t take place in pasture and meadows vegetations because of their annual life times. This case forces the researchers to find perennial legume species for pasture and meadow. Therefore, perennial and endemic Vicia freyniana, is seen as a potential candidate for forage crop. This study was conducted to determine some quality characteristics of Vicia freyniana in 2015 year. In the research, the leaf, stem and flower ratios, and crude protein ratios of components in Vicia freyniana obtained from the natural spread area of the plant were determined. Also fresh and dry herbage of the plant was given the animals to observe the palatability. According to the results crude protein ratios of the leaves, stems, flowers and whole plants were 19.42, 5.34, 12.73, 13.64% respectively. It was concluded that animals consumed the Vicia freyniana dry herbage gladly; however, they didn't consume the green herbage in the same way.
Keywords Vicia freyniana, Fabaceae, Leguminosae, Endemic, Vetch, Crude protein ratio, Palatability.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 040-043
Year 2015
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