Title Microbial Population of the Surface Soil Planted the Various Tree Species
Authors Hatice Nur YİŞİL, Hasan Hüseyin KOÇ, Ayten ÖZTÜRK
Abstract It is known that the number of the microbial population and their types around of the plant roots affected by the plant root secretions. Leaves and the body parts of various plants (apple, lime, pine and walnut) will change the content of the upper layer of the soil that develops the plants during the seasonal changes. Accordingly, that their microbial population in the upper soil of the trees will change have been considered. For this purpose, four different trees that grow in the same region, were selected and their surface soil samples were taken from different regions to be reached a depth of 5 -10 cm. These soil samples was mixed and used for the microbial analysis. In order to determine the types of microorganisms and their number of the total micro-organisms, gram-negative bacteria and spore-forming bacteria (cfu/g) were used by the serial dilution techniques. As a result, the highest number of the microorganisms and their types of microorganisms from the soil of the apple tree, although the lowest number and their types of microorganisms was obtained from the soil of the pine tree. However, the number of the gram-negative bacteria was the highest in the soil of linden tree, although the number of gram negative bacteria was in the soil of pine tree. For spore - forming bacterium, the highest number from the walnut soil and the lowest number from the linden tree have been obtained.
Keywords Microorganism, Plant- microorganisms interaction, Plant root, Soil
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 041-043
Year 2012
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