Title Investigation of the Usability of the Drinking Water of Kilis Province
Authors Sakine YELEKÇİ, Bilal ACEMİOĞLU, Halim AVCI
Abstract In this study, physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the tap waters of Kilis province was investigated in terms of drinking water quality. For this purpose, in 2009 August and 2010 February, the ninety-water samples were taken from forty five points. In conclusion, all samples studied were determined to be appropriate to the standards (TSE, WHO, EC and EPA) in terms of color, pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, hardness, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, iron, aluminum and arsenic. It was seen that the levels of fluoride was below the limits of the standards in all water samples, and the levels of chlorine was over the limits of the standards in many water samples, and the levels of manganese was over the limits of the standards at two samples. It was determined that five from these examples were not suitable to drink due to microbiological pollution (i.e, in terms of coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli). It was determined that the other samples were also clean as a microbiological as well as the determined physical and chemical properties of water, and thus they were suitable to drinking. But, in some samples, the smell of chlorine was determined due to excessive chlorination.
Keywords Kilis, Tap water, Drinking water, Physical properties, and Chemical properties
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 077-081
Year 2012
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