Title Buğday (Triticum Aestivum L.) Fidelerinde Sıcaklık – Ağır Metal Etkileşimlerinin Çözünür Proteinler Üzerine Etkisi
Authors Ahmet MUSLU, Nuray ERGÜN
Abstract The aim of this research was to investigate the seperate and combined effects of high temperature and chrome and copper on bread wheat buğday (Triticum aestivum L. cv Dağdaş). The souble protein contents, in shoots were determined by SDS-PAGE analysis. The soluble protein contents of seedling were decreased at high temperature and following heavy metal treatment compared to control. In addition it has been shown that Cr treatment displays a more toxic effect compared to Cu treatment.
Keywords Triticum aestivum, heavy metal, soluble protein, SDS-PAGE.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 091-093
Year 2012
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