Title Environmental Problems in Urban Coastal Areas of Settlement Pressure: Case of Canakkale City
Authors Alper SAĞLIK, Abdullah KELKİT, Elif SAĞLIK
Abstract Limited to coastal and marine areas and resources that are extremely difficult to reproduce. Be destroyed, if consumed in the quantity and characteristics of the unconscious as yitirebildikleri; morphological, geological and climatological structures, and all kinds of plant damage living tissues and of being "whole" is renewed, or require a very long period of time and investment is not possible or not. Especially in recent years in almost all residential areas unconscious, irresponsible, destructive, and distorted the legal-illegal constructions in the coastal and marine areas has been under the influence. The basic tool for physical planning development plans to address coastal venues as the only urban settlement and the settlement is one of the main problems it aims to increase the intensity. Parallel increase in population in coastal areas of urban growth in Turkey is a typical example of the pressure of planning studies, this was the first since 1949, has experienced a significant change in terms of urban growth. In this study, the advantages of being a coastal city, as well as the disadvantages of living in the city of Canakkale, as a result of pressures from coastal settlements and the various solutions to environmental problems have been studied.
Keywords Canakkale, Coastal, Urban And Environmental Problems, The Settlement.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 145-149
Year 2012
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