Title Anaerobic Degratability of Antibiotics
Authors Hakan ÇELEBİ, Delya SPONZA
Abstract Anaerobic treatability of Amoxycillin, Oxytetracycline, Tylosin and Erythromycin antibiotics was investigated in an anaerobic multichamber bed reactor (AMCBR) system during 30 days of operation period. Molasses given a COD concentration of 4000 mg/L used a C source. The performance of AMCBR reactor system was monitored at a hydraulic retention time of (HRT) 1.12 days and at a organic loading rate of 3.55 kgCOD/m3day. After 30 days of operation period the removal effi ciencies of Amoxycillin was found to be %76. The COD removal effi ciencies were 87%, 83%, 86% and 83% respectively after 30 days of operation period. The methane percentage of total gas were 55%, 60%, 60%, 70% for Amoxycillin, Oxytetracycline, Tylosin and Erythromycin. The TVFA/ Bic.Alk. ratios were found to be below 4 indicating the reactor stability. The TVFA concentrations were high in the fi rst chamber of the (Amoxycillin 876 mg/L, Oxytetracycline 625 mg/L), AMCBR reactor while the last 3th chamber exibiths low TVFA concentrations (Amoxycillin 145 mg/L, Oxytetracycline 163 mg/L ).
Keywords Aerobic-Anaerobic-Advanced Treatment, Amoxycillin, BOI5/COD ratio, Erythromycin, Oxytetracyline, Tylosin.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 01-08
Year 2008
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