Title Morphological and Anatomical Investigations on Some Species of
Authors Nezahat Kandemir
Abstract In this study, samples of Arum orientale ve Arum elongatum ssp. elongatum have been collected in the vicinity of Ordu. Two species with similar properties regarding to morphologic and anatomic have been investigated morphologically and anatomically. Arum species are toxic, tuberous, perennial and herbaceous plants which contain considerable amount of calcium oxalate crystals, oxalic acid and oxalates in addition to volatile and easily destroyed irritating substances with strongly local effect. In morphologic investigations, biometric measurements of vegetative and generative organs have been measured. In anatomic investigations, cross-section of root, stem (scape), petiol, leaf and spatha have been taken and differences and similarities between these species have been determined morphologically and anatomically.
Keywords Arum, Anatomy, Morphology, ToxicPlant.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 37-43
Year 2008
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