Title Micro Algae in Çanıllı Dam Lake (Ankara)
Authors Tahir ATICI, Nurcihan ÖZÇELİK, Beyhan KORKMAZ, Ebru UĞURLU, Adile SELÇUK
Abstract On monthly basis for seven months betwen May and November 2004, Çanıllı Dam Lake was examined at different habitats (epipelic, epiphytic, epilitic and plankton). 49 algal species belonging to Bacillariophyta, Chlorophyta, Cyanophyta and Euglenophyta were represented. In the Çanıllı Dam Lake, Navicula, Nitzschia, Cymbella, Synedra species belonging to Bacillariophyta and Oscillatoria to Cyanophyta were generally the dominant groups of organisms.
Keywords Çanıllı Dam Lake, algae, epiphytic, epilithic, epiphelic, plankton
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 45-48
Year 2008
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