Title Structural and Economic Analysis of Rainbow Trout Farms in Sivas Province
Authors Mehmet KARATAŞ, Murat SAYILI, Burhan KOÇ
Abstract In this study, the structural and economical situations of rainbow trout farms in Sivas province have been analyzed. Data were collected from 14 farms by using whole counting method via survey. Average active capital per farm was YTL 108648.46 and the building and pool capital has had the highest ratio (35.63%) within the active capital. Operational cost per farm was YTL 36628.68 of which 51.48% belongs to feed cost. Net return, net profi t and the rantability were determined as YTL 8182.76, YTL 6351.33 and 5.85%, respectively.
Keywords Rainbow trout, farm, structural aspects, economic analysis.
Journal BIBAD - Research Journal of Biological Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 49-55
Year 2008
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