Title The Effects of Some Rehabilitation Methods on the Range’s Phosphorus Yield
Authors Recep YAVUZ
Abstract At Düzce Esenli natural rangeland, which has never been treated before, a control (A) and two different improvement treatment methods were investigated. The treatments comprised fertilization (B) and cultivation-seeding + fertilization (C) methods. More specifically, the study examined the extent to which, if any, fertilization and cultivation-seeding + fertilization improved a natural rangeland compared to the natural rangeland. The highest rates of phosporus and yield was obtained with treatment C at %0.53 ve 8.1 kg/ha, respectively. The rates of phosporus and yield with treatment A was %0.49 ve 1.3 kg/ha and with treatment B %0.28 ve 2.4 kg/ha, respectively.
Keywords Fertilization, phosphorus yield, seeding, rangeland rehabilitation.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 012-014
Year 2014
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