Title GC/MS Analysis of Bioactive Components of Dracocephalum moldavica L., Treated by Boric Acid Doses
Abstract In this study, carried out to determine effect of boric acid treatments on essential oil compositions in moldavian balm (Dracocephalum moldavica L.), plants were transplanted to experimental area of Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University with four replicates after rooting. Boric acid concentrations (0, 3, 6 ve 9 kg ha-1 ) were applied as aqueous foliar spray at before flowering stage and plants were harvested at full flowering stage The essential oils were isolated by hydro-distillation using clevenger-type apparatus and analyzed by GC/MS. According to results, 14 components were determined in herbs of Dracocephalum moldavica and linalol, z-citral, geraniol, citral, nerol and geranyl acetate were major components. The chemical composition of essential oil did not change due to the boric acid level; rather the percentages of main constituents were affected, slightly. While, the highest level of geranyl acetate (43.6%) was obtained at 6 kg ha-1. both citral (27.6%) and z-citral (20.2%) the highest percentage was documented at 9 kg ha-1. Other minor components showed different concentrations depending on level of fertilizer used.
Keywords Dracocephalum moldavica, boric acid, essential oil components, GC/MS
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 019-021
Year 2014
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