Title Relationship Between Fruit Number and Seed Quality and Quantity in F1 Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Seed Production
Authors Esra CEBECİ, Hüseyin PADEM
Abstract Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.), is one of the most produced vegetables in the World. It can be produced both in open field conditions or in greenhouses. In greenhouses mostly hybrid varieties are grown. Seed quality is the main problem of the local hybrid varieties Viable and vigorous seed contributes greatly to yield between 15-20%. The objective of the research is to determine the ideal fruit number to be left on the female parent in order to produce high quality hybrid seeds and to provide some practical solutions for germination and seedling growth problems. This study was established in a greenhouse in Antalya ecological conditions and plant material of the research was “Yaren” hybrid variety also study was conducted with complete randomized blocks with four replications and five plants in each replicate. The results revealed that, highest seed yield (79.08 g) per plant was from a group of plants with 11 fruits. While as the number of fruits on a plant increased, fruit diameter (cm), fruit length (cm), fruit weight (g), germination rate, vigor and seedling growth rate were decreased. For Yaren F1 seed production, the most suitable fruit number per plant was obtain as 6 to 8 fruits per plant which yielded higher seed yield with least losses on seed quality.
Keywords Hybrid, cucumber, fruit number, seed quantity, seed quality.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 028-032
Year 2014
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