Title Do Soilless Media Effect Yield and Quality of Tomatoes?
Authors Ebru TOPRAK, Ayşe GÜL
Abstract This study was conducted to evaluate yield and fruit quality of the tomatoes cultivated in perlite and cocopeat in an unheated greenhouse during spring and autumn growing seasons. Titan F1 tomato variety was used as the plant material. Water and nutrient requirements of the plants were provided by complete nutrient solution. Implementation of the solution was conducted according to open system. Cumulative total and marketable yield values were determined during the harvest period. Fruit quality relating to fruit firmness, dry matter content, EC and pH of fruit juice, fruit colour (L, a/b, hue, chroma), titratable acidity and vitamin C content were investigated. It was determined that yield and quality of tomato plants can change depending on the substrate. Cocopeat gave better results than perlite.
Keywords Tomato, cocopeat, perlite, yield, quality
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 041-047
Year 2013
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