Title Berry Quality Characteristics of Some Early Table Grape Cultivars
Authors Önder KAMİLOĞLU
Abstract In addition to clusters properties, berry’s chemical and physical properties affecting the quality are important parameters in cultivars considered as table grape. In this study, some physical and chemical features in berries were examined by employing early table grape cultivars (Ora, Prima, Flame Seedless, Superior Seedless, Trakya İlkeren and Ergin Çekirdeksizi). The highest values of berry cracking tolerance, berry flesh firmness, berry elasticity, TSS, pH, TSS/Acidity were obtained from Superior Seedless. The berry seed number, berry removal force and acidity of Prima cultivar was found to be higher than other grape cultivars. The berry weight, berry volume and berry width values were all higher in 'Superior Seedless', 'Prima' and 'Trakya İlkeren' cultivars than the other cultivars. In examined the features, positive correlation was identified between berry removal force and seed(trace) number (r = 0.76) and berry weight, berry volume, berry dimension (r = 0.54 - 0.69); and between berry cracking tolerance and berry weight (r= 0.73), berry flesh firmness (r= 0.91), berry elasticity (r= 0.84).
Keywords Table grape, quality, berry removal force, cracking tolerance, berry flesh firmness
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 065-070
Year 2013
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