Title The Effects of Different Grouped Age Trees in Apricot (Aprikoz-Şalak cv.) on the Type of Fruit Branch and the Ratio of Fruit Set
Authors Tuncay KAYA, Mücahit PEHLUVAN, Berna DOĞRU, Mehmet Ramazan BOZHÜYÜK
Abstract Widely grown under Iğdır ecological conditions, according to tree age groups, Şalak apricot cultivar was investigated in terms of fruit branch distribution, type of fruit branch and the ratio of fruit set in this study. Types of fruit branches were also identified and counted as good, bad, better, and mixed. Flower buds were counted in red calyx stage about 250 cm length of branches. In order to determine the ratio of fruit set, after counting fruit buds, the number of fruits were counted at the green stage again. The investigation of fruit trees, the most fruit set was obtained from 9-10 age group by 18.9%, while the least fruit set was obtained from 6-7 age group by 7.2%. According to the results, among age groups of Şalak apricot cultivar, a significantly differences were found in terms of the fruit branch distribution, the type of fruit branch and the ratio of fruit set in Iğdır ecological conditions.
Keywords Iğdır, Şalak, Fruit branch, The ratio of fruit set
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 077-081
Year 2013
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