Title Sexual Incompatibility in Sweet Cherry
Authors Sinem ÖZTÜRK ERDEM, Neriman BEYHAN, Leyla DEMİRSOY
Abstract Cherry fruit species Connected to the family Rosaceae commonly sexual incompatibility, conflict , and group self- incompatibility is observed . Self compatibility in sweet cherry is a very rare phenomenon in world. Sweet cherry exist of gametophytic self-incompatibility. In self-incompatible species of the Solanaceae, Rosaceae and Scrophulariaceae the S locus in the style encodes for an allele-spesific ribonuclease (S-RNase) that is responsible of the inhibition of the growth of pollen tubes with the same S allele. In the world and our country in commonly grown the standard cherry cultivar are known S- allele genes. Determination of S-allele combinations of sweet cherry genotypes and cultivars has importance for both growers and breeders. Determinations of sexual incompatibility are a variety of ways. These are white balloon stage of flowering fruit by selfing and attitudes determine the rate of hybridization, using the technique of fluorescence microscopy observation of the growth of the pollen tube pipe anthers and molecular methods. In recent years, the development of molecular method, PCR-based method and the studies gained momentum. According to the published literature on this subject, the in the world cross incompatibility groups were reached 44.
Keywords Prunus avium L., S-allel, sexual incompatibility, stylar ribonucleases
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 089-095
Year 2013
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