Title Some Vegetative Charecteristic of Service Tree (Sorbus domestica L.) Genotypes, Selected From Tokat Ecology
Abstract In the research some vegetative charecteristic of service tree genotypes were determined, which selected from tokat city center, counties and villages with the selection study. Selected genotypes geographical positions was measured using GPS equipment and found between 680-891 m altitudes. Flowering periods were occur generaly in april and may, in two genotypes were occur untill middle june. As in to other pome fruit species, service tree having the different bud structure and average number of flowers 60.54-162.46 have been identified from a bud. The average weight of genotypes were varied between 9.69-20.07 g, the width were varied between 25.20-34.35 mm and the length were varied between 22.02-28.38 mm. The age estimation of the trees were 8-100 and the height were 4-16 m. The grown habitus were seen generaly upright, spreading and drooping. According to giving sucker, two genotypes tend to strong, one genotype tend to middle and all the other genotypes were’nt
Keywords Tokat city, serice tree (Sorbus domestica l.), selection, vegetative property
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 097-101
Year 2013
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