Title The Effeects of Wild Apricot Having Different Diameter on Grafting Success and Sapling Growth
Authors Hatice ŞAHİNER ÖYLEK , Ahmet ASLAN, M. Naim DEMİRTAŞ, Selçuk AVCI
Abstract Turkey provides more than half of thedried apricot production of the world. Demand for apricot which is an important economic product both Turkey and for Malatya region is increasing day by dayand apricot or chards in Malatya region are usually established with saplings grafted on theseedling rootstock. This study was carried out to determine theeffects on graft succes sandsapling growth in sapling production by grafting Hacıhaliloglu apricot variety on wild apricots which have different rootstock diameters. In the study, it was detected that as the development of seedling diameter increased, in paralel with the grafttake and shooting rate increase. The highest average graft take with 98.42% and shooting rate with 93.47% were obtained from seedling showing diameter growth is bigger than 7 mm. The development of graft shoot length and graft shoot diameter were determined as respectively145.05 cm ve 12.54 in high rootstocks. In the production of apricot sapling, in graft applications done on seedling rootstock, using of plants whose diameter is between 7 and 9 mm will be useful for both graft success and the development and acquisition of high quality sapling. Fertilization and irrigation of seedlings to be grafted must be done carefully from germination.
Keywords Wild apricot, apricot, seedling, grafttake
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 103-107
Year 2013
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