Title Determination Input Production Costs of Barley, Wheat, Sugar Beets, Corn, Green Lentils, Chickpeas,Tomatoes,Dry Beans,Poppy,Kozla,Onion,Sunflower and Safflower in Eskişehir
Authors Mahmut POLAT, Erhan TÜRKSEVEN, Ertuğrul ÇAKICIER
Abstract This project has been applied with cooperation of Eskisehir Soil and Water Resources Research Institute and Eskisehir Chamber of Agriculture between 2008-2011 years and BB-TOPRAKSU-2011/122 with the number of publications have been published.The aims of Project are to determine the input production costs of barley, wheat, sugar beet, corn, grain, lentil, chickpea, tomato, bean, poppy seed, rapeseed, onion, sunflower and safflower which grown in Eskisehir province region, to determine the amount of the manufacturer's share of production inputs to production and production techniques, providing the necessary data for the economic analysis of agricultural infrastructure investment projects, to determine the detection criteria of the benefit support prices, determination some values which may be the source to agricultural production planning studies. At the end of this study the lowest average total production for sugar beet, tomato and onion, the highest average total production for poppy, beans and chickpea are determined as (TL/ kg-product) respectively.
Keywords Eskisehir; Agricultural Products; Input Costs; Agricultural Production Cost.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 119-125
Year 2013
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