Title Static Analysis of High Tunnel Type Greenhouse Structure in Muğla Region
Authors Kıvanç TOPÇUOĞLU
Abstract In our country, and especially in the Southern provinces, greenhouse cultivation has significant economic returns. Both the high cost of the initial investment cost of production and the share of the renovation and maintenance costs of these systems raises the need for the establishment of this system economically and safely. In our country, the losses such as hail, storms, tornadoes, snow and hail load that the greenhouse growers suffered are expressed in terms of billions of dollars every year. As an engineering construction, by analyzing how to project and construct the agricultural constructions such as the tunnel and green house will minimize the economic losses. In this study, stress analysis of tunnel-type greenhouse construction widely applied in the region of Mugla is done with non-linear finite element method and recommendations are made to strengthen security in the static aspects.
Keywords High tunnel, building construction, SAP 2000, static-dynamic analysis.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 133-139
Year 2013
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