Title The Way of Increasing of Agricultural Production in Turkey
Authors Mehmet Emin TUĞAY
Abstract In the world every country makes required arrangements to increase agricultural production. The developed countries allocate resources to research and development (R&D) projects. The way of increasing the plant production depends on the effectivity of the production profitableness. The dilemma for the Turkey’s agriculture is leaving the producers to their destiny. The agricultural supports in Turkey are not sufficient. Agricultural supports have been made in the framework of general economic policies for the existence of producers. The countries set up their own agricultural policies according to their agricultural structure. In Turkey small producers have a large proportion and their withdrawal of production will cause decreasing of plant production. Therefore small producers have to be supported unless the agricultural structure changes. The most important ways of increasing agricultural production are to increase cultivation areas and yield per unit area. Cultivation areas suitable for agriculture almost became exhausted under industrialization suppression. Evaluation of bare fallows and second crop areas and breeding of problematic lands are important opportunities for increasing the plant production of Turkey. Plant breeding, cultivation precautions and rotation have many effects on production. The outputs obtained have not been put into practice easily. The relationships between plant, climate, soil and water are very important in planning production. Turkey is divided into 15 climate zones according to interaction between climate and plant. Specific crops can be grown in these regions that are different in terms of climate and soil characteristics Today globalization is efficient on especially agricultural production. Productivity and profitability are the most important cases in globalization. Many crops now are on shelves from soybean to kiwi, from banana to tea since free trade is possible for agriculture products. This situation is an opportunity for Turkey but also has some risks. The self-sufficient production policies have been exhausted. The world is a big market with its population near 7 billion. Therefore new viewpoints are necessary in Turkey’s agriculture to integrate into this market. To increase plant production in Turkey’s agriculture, it is necessary to give importance to research and development (R&D) studies and applications of sustainable agriculture policies.
Keywords Turkey, Agriculture, Productivity, Breeding, Plant Production
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 001-008
Year 2012
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