Title Turkish Grasslands and Acquisitions by Pasture Law
Authors Rıza AVCIOĞLU
Abstract In this article, we aimed to discuss grassland conservation and usage in Turkey and activities and handicaps and solution measures in the frame of pasture law numbered 4342. As a result of heavy and uncontrolled grazing practices imposed on the grasslands for centuries, our grazing lands lost all peculiarities and their land area decreased to 12.3 Mil.Ha. during last 50 years. Additionally, lost in grassland areas are still continuing as a result of urbanization, uncontrolled rural settlements and invasive attitude of agricultural and mining sector, and on the contrary of expectations, the process goes on against the grazing lands depending on the new arrangements in pasture law. Bearing a revolutionary characteristic for our grasslands, animal husbandry sector and the environment, Pasture Law was acted in 28 February 1998 to save, maintain and improve the pastures which were exploited by mankind throughout the history of Anatolia and became the examples of poorest grazing lands in the world. Pasture Law brought about the rules of detection, restriction and assignment of grasslands and designated development projects for pastures and foundations for fiscal solutions. This act provided also new breakthroughs in expect training and establishing necessary organizations which were of vital significance to support those functions and forage crop production.
Keywords grassland, protection and maintenance, pasture law
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 024-032
Year 2012
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