Title Determination of Yield and Quality Traits of Candidate Silage Hybrid Maize
Authors Erkan ÖZATA, Ahmet ÖZ, Halil KAPAR
Abstract The objective of the study was to determine yield and quality traits of the 14 candidate silage hybrids and 5 checks. The experiment was established in a randomized complete block design with three replications in 2010. According to the results, days to the flowering changed between 58-64 days, plant height changed between 280-324 cm and the ratio of ear/plant, stem/plant and leaf/plant based on mean values was 40.6%, 41.7%, and 17.6, respectively. Moreover, green forage yield varied from 3340 kg/da to 6297 kg/da and dry matter yield recorded between 1104-1815 kg/da. ADF, NDF and crude protein value intervals based on weight changed between 24.1-40.9-9, 47.5-58-9 and 5.2-9-0.6 respectively. Besides, crude protein yield varied from 59 to 123.8 kg/da. Mineral matter which accounted from dry matter based on weight values the ratio of Ca, K, Mg, P was 0,17-0,35, 0,88-1,4, 0,17-0,34 and 0,11-0,21, respectively. It is concluded that from the study, 6 genotypes ( TTM 2007-145, TTM 2007-134, TTM 2007-308, TTM 2007-127, TTM 2007-106 and TTM 2007-140) were determined as promising hybrids for further evaluation.
Keywords Maize, silage, yield, quality, mineral matter
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 037-041
Year 2012
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