Title Different Methods to Harvest Some of the Sesame Grain to Determine the Effects on the Maturation of a Research
Authors Yasemin VURARAK, Nigar ANĞIN, M. Emin BILGILI
Abstract This study was conducted in experimental area in Eastern Mediternean Agricultural Research İnstute during the 2010 at the main crop conditions. İn this study was used eight sesame varieties with four replications. Experimental block design was used at two different harvest methods. At the first method, traditional harvest method is to be harvesting by hand, but at the second method, harvesting is done by pruning shears. The aim of this study to determine traditional methods of mechanized harvest may alternativelly. In this study the effects on 1000 seed weight and oil ratio of the traditional and mechanized harvest at sesame was investigated. When Muganlı 57 varieties harvested with the first method, oil ratio is % 46,92. On the other hand in the second method oil ratio is %51,3. Oil ratio of variety Cumhuriyet 99 was not effected from both methods. Baydar 2001, Özberk 82, Kepsut 99 and Cumhuriyet 99 were not effected in term of 1000 seed weight. It is determinate that seed weight of variety Muganlı 57 decreased from 4,01 g to 3,91.
Keywords Sesame seeds, harvest, root, oil, 1000 seed weight
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 093-096
Year 2012
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