Title Evaluation of Parameters Some of Domestic and Foreign Durum Wheat Varieties in Terms of Quality
Authors Enver KENDAL, Sertaç TEKDAL, Hüsnü AKTAŞ, Mehmet KARAMAN
Abstract This investigation was carried out in 2010-2011 growing season in Diyarbakır conditions in Southeast Anatolia Region. I the study, used total of twelve durum wheat varieties, three of them obtained from Rusia and seven of them already cultivated at the Southeast Anatolia Region. The analysis of variance, significant differences were examined in terms of features grain yield, hectoliter weight, thousand grain weight and semolina color 1%, in terms of protein content and ratio mini-sds in the level of 5%. The correlation analysis between characters, it found positive correlations between hectoliters of grain yield and thousand grain weight level of 1%, found negative correlations between hectolitre weight and thousand grain weight and semolina color correlation level of 5%, the relationship between the other characters could not be identified. According to the results obtained from the analysis, The average values among the durum wheat varieties hectoliter weight changed between 75.9 and 82.2 g, thousand grain weight between 34.7 and 49.4 g and grain yield between 431.8 and 530.3 kg/da-1, protein content between 10.7 and 11.4%, mini SDS between 7.5 and 14.1 ml, the value of b yellow index between 18.7 and 24.9. In this study, in terms of grain yield, hectoliter weight, thousand grain weight and protein content domestic varieties, in terms of mini-sds and color of semolina parameters which is important aspect bulghur and pasta industrialists, came to the fore which registered from abroad. The quality will improve if these varieties, obtained from abroad, prefer in studies.
Keywords Durum wheat, quality, grain yield, correlation, Diyarbakır.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 097-100
Year 2012
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