Title Comparative Evaluation of Various Agricultural Crop Costs and Effective Elements in Different Regions of Turkey
Authors Erol ÖZKAN, Başak AYDIN
Abstract In this paper, production costs and expenses of some vegetative crops in Thrace, Middle Black sea, Middle Anatolia, Aegean and GAP regions in Turkey have been comparatively evaluated. The main data of the study is the data which have been updated by years based on the cost studies carried out in Kırklareli, Tokat, Konya, Menemen, Şanlıurfa Soil and Water Resources Research Institutes. Wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, maize and cotton crops have been evaluated within the study. Production costs of these crops for the regions for 2009-2010 years have been examined and the differences and the diverging points have been tried to be put forward. The reasons of the production cost differences between the regions have been examined and solutions and suggestions have been introduced.
Keywords Wheat, sunflower, sugar beet, maize, cotton, cost, region, Turkey.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 134-138
Year 2012
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