Title The Problems and Suggestions to Dry Bean Farming in Konya Region
Authors Mustafa ÖNDER, Mehmet Kemal ATEŞ, Ali KAHRAMAN, Ercan CEYHAN
Abstract This research was conducted to determine the problems and to find solutions for dry bean farming in the region of Centrum and some towns (Çumra, Kadınhanı, Sarayönü, Ilgın, Karapınar and Ereğli) of Konya City during the year of 2010. For this purpose, the selection was made according to the maximum total amounts of dry bean production which was consisted from 87 farmers, the questions were asked directly to the farmers and the results were given as percentage. The results of the research were showed that, the farmers are insufficient about sowing density, fertilizing, irrigation, disease and insects control. As it like all the other plants, the growing techniques have positive or negative effects on the yield and quality of dry bean. It is recommended that; the wrong applications and mistakes are supposed to be improved.
Keywords Bean growing, producer problems and solutions
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 143-148
Year 2012
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