Title Investigations on the Pollen Dimorphism and its relationship with Anther Culture in Eggplant
Authors Şebnem ELLİALTIOĞLU, Sevinç BAŞAY, Şebnem KUŞVURAN
Abstract To obtain haploid plants through anther culture, often providing significant benefits to all the plants, in particular the combination of the vegetable crops and breeding and breeding efforts both types of hybrid process in terms of shortening the emergence of new genotypes and breeders is a great facility. However, the frequency of obtaining haploid plants depends on many factors and one of them is seasonal differences. They are structurally differences in the pollen grains in the anthers, may be effective in explaining the effect of the seasons. Kemer and Aydın Siyahı eggplant varieties were examined by the presence of S-pollen. For this purpose, eggplant microspores were investigated microscopically for their structural vision at the different seasons. The relationship between the formation of haploid embryos and rate of S-pollen grains was investigated in order to explain our hypothesis. Anther culture was not successful for the autumn period, but at the beginning of summer season was found suitable for culturing anthers to obtain haploid embryos and plants.
Keywords Eggplant, in vitro, haploidy, pollen, season, dimorphism
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 149-152
Year 2012
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