Title Some Characters of Pasture Vegetation in Amasya Province
Authors Tamer YAVUZ, Mustafa SÜRMEN, M. Özgür TÖNGEL, Arife AVAĞ, Kadir Aytaç ÖZAYDIN, Hakan YILDIZ
Abstract This study was conducted to determine some vegetative characters of pastures in Amasya province. In the study, 106 spots were chosen and plant species were tried to be identified in each spot. Totally 186 plant species were categorized in 3 groups: i) 40 species were in family of grasses, ii) 42 species were in leguminosae, and iii) 104 species were in the group of other families. This plant species were also divided into 3 different successional groups: i) 34 species were decreases, ii) 19 species were increasers, and 133 species were invaders. In the experiment field, plant coverage rate was%77,8, average rate of legumes, grasses and other families in plant species were found as 22.84%,41.81 and 35.35%, respectively. Considering the different successional groups, which had influential effect to pasture quality, decreasers, increasers, and invaders had 18.07%, 28.41% and 53.52%, respectively.
Keywords botanical composition, legumes, grasses, decreasers, increasers, invaders
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 181-185
Year 2012
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