Title Agriculture and Water Resources of Karaman: Potential, Water Use in Agriculture and Reasons of Water Problems on Konya Basin
Authors Ramazan TOPAK, Bilal ACAR
Abstract In this study, land and water potential with water use status of Karaman situated at Konya Basin, was analyzed with detail. In both Karaman and Konya Basin, efficient uses of land and water resources are necessarily prerequisites for economical and social development for sustainable environment. Like the general of Turkey, there are some problems associated by water use in agriculture. The main reasons of this are that water resources are scant for irrigation of whole lands in Karaman due to the existence of semi-arid climate and agricultural drought within basin. According to the results, the water uswed in Karaman agriculture is higher than the available water potential, and excess water has been extracted from the groundwater resources. The main reason of excess water use is the increase in areas opened to irrigation.
Keywords Karaman, water potential, irrigation, water in agriculture
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 01-05
Year 2010
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