Title Ortaöğretim Öğrencilerinin Küresel İklim Değişikliğinin Su Kaynaklarına Etkisine İlişkin Görüşleri
Authors Menderes KILIÇASLAN
Abstract Climate system, Approximately 4.5 billion year history of Earth millions of years to ten years until all time scales has a natural tendency to change. Geomorphological and climatological effects of a well-known as the most recent and most important natural climate changes, 4.Time’s (Quaternary) consists of glacial and buzularası period. However, 19 Since the mid-century, in addition natural change, for the first time that human activity affects the climate has entered a new era. Today, climate change, increased accumulation of greenhouse gases from human activities can be identified by taking into consideration. For example the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention (İDÇS), “comparable time period in the gõzlenen natural climate change, in addition to, directly or indirectly, the global composition of the atmosphere disrupts human activity as a result of climate in which a change” in the format described. Objective: Study, training, integrity in the future of society to the very important contributions to the students’ Global Climate Change on Water Resources Impacts views about the evaluation, teaching and learning process of the basic elements that the students of water resources significance, good people, good citizens and professional men as the future of the country and society in the able to take a case in the context of an extremely unique and is intended to be featured. Methods: This study was planned as a qualitative research “olgubilim” drawing will be conducted in. Research in the academic year 2009- 2010 in the province of Yozgat and 60 students will be randomly selected. The data, prepared by researchers for this study consisted of open-ended questions will be collected through a questionnaire. Questionnaire on the preparation of GHG, Water Resources, a good citizen and professional man, as the future of the country and society to take up position in the context of an extremely original and features a case of that concept in mind will be taken. For the validity of the questionnaire will be applied to expert opinion. Content analysis of the data will be used inthe solution.
Keywords Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas, Greenhouse Effect
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 25-29
Year 2010
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