Title In the Context of Sustaınable Tourısm Applıcatıons for the Protectıon of Water Resources in Accommodatıon Facılıtıes
Authors Gülay ÇAKIR, Ali ÇAKIR
Abstract Water is one of the most important factor for human life and natural life balance. For those living in industrialized countries, the ordinary and usual, although the presence of water, contrary to the conjecture is a limited supply. These limited resources, put more importance as time passed, and from day to day, as the resources are exhausted. Water resources for centuries for human life at every point by entering (for drinking, irrigation, transportation, recreation, etc..), has been one of people the most important needs. The natural result that nowadays as agriculture, industry, services sector is a lot of water resources. When we look at in terms of the service sector, tourism sector comes at the beginning of the most important sectors in this area. Accommodation businesses in the tourism sector, water resources, as well as swimming pools, golf courses and the use of their guests as well as in many areas are used excessively. For that we are running out of the water resources utilization efficiency is extremely important. In this study, accommodation facilities used how the more efficient use of water resources can be brought about by the proposal, what should be done in the context of sustainable tourism that will be addressing the issues.
Keywords Water resources, Productivity, Use of water resources in tourism
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 31-36
Year 2010
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